Re: Airliner Projects

From: (Terrell D. Drinkard)
Organization: Boeing
Date:         01 Mar 93 11:29:36 PST
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In article <airliners.1993.200@ohare.Chicago.COM> writes:
>Could someone "in the know" furnish some information about new airliner
>projects.  This includes brand new planes like the 777 and upgrades/
>enhancements to existing airliners, e.g. 747-500.  A description of
>the changes and status of the work would be appreciated.

A quick review sans notes:
  767-300 ERX  Longer range variant.  Under study.
  767 Freighter  Just sold to UPS, in serious work.
  747-X  Competes with New Large Airplane.  Low level activity.
  NLA  800 seats, under study with all the Airbus members.  Your basic 5
aisle, twenty abreast airplane.
  737-X  Under serious study, waiting for a launch customer & funding.
  757 Stuff  In work, but nothing public.
  MD-12  600 seats (?) Needs major equity partner to launch, low-level
study from what we hear.
  MD-95  Haven't heard much on this one lately.
  A322  A 757 competitor.  Low-level study.
  Fokker 70  Serious work, needs a launch customer.
  Fokker 130  Low-level activity, will launch after the F 70
  RL 92/122  DASA's lever to enter regional jetliner market.  They decided
to buy Fokker instead.  Deal closed a week or two ago.  Dead issue now.
  British Aerospace NRA  Upgrade of BAe 146.  Shelved study.
  Tu-204 with various engines.  Just got Russian cert.  Will be working on
Western certs the next two years.  Good airplane.
  Il-96  Russian twin-aisle going the same route as the Tu-204.
  A321.  First flight shortly.  183 seats, medium range, single-aisle.
  UHCA  Airbus 800 seater.  Low level study effort.

>Also, what is a good ongoing source of such information?  I get Boeing annual
>reports yearly, but there is no mailing list that I know of that you can
>get on, so must call regularly to get anything.

There isn't one.  :-)  Not in the public domain at any rate.

>Aviation Week is expensive and provides too much information in other

You might try Flight International.  They also do a lot of military and
space, but do seem more commercially oriented than AvWeek.  Also that
unique European perspective is helpful to my work.  Aircraft Economics is
another one that I read.  It deals almost exclusively with current
production aircraft, but stuff like the A321 (March April '93) is in there.

>"Airliners" seems to provide information mostly on the carriers themselves
>and "Airliners Monthly News" seems to focus on route and fleet changes.
>Are there others?  Haven't seen "Air Transport World", but it sounds
>like a management magazine.  Any info is appreciated.

Your assessments are correct.  The commercial airframe business is so
limited that a magazine devoted strictly to new developments would not have
many pages in it. :-)

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