Re: Gear up on go-around?

From: (Bob Furtaw)
Organization: Motorola
Date:         26 Feb 93 04:43:34 PST
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In article <airliners.1993.189@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Clemens Emmanuel Tillier) wrote:
> Is it necessary to raise the landing gear when aborting an approach and going
> around? Why or why not?
Interesting question.  I once thought that since the gear was already down,
might as well leave it there and come around for another attempt.  That
would be one more thing out of the way on the chedck list.  That is until I
had a student that, when on the way down wind, he put the gear UP.  I
waited until he'd pick up somes signs that the gear was in the wrong
position, which never happened.  I had to point it out on final.

I tested this a bit further when transitioning between local
airports...almost overlapping traffic patterns (FXE and POM), with another
student.  I said to him "Since this is a very short flight, just leave the
gear down".   Sure enough, as part of his check list, he RAISED the gear. 
That was enough for me.  So, from then on, I encourage raising the gear as
in a normal take off even for a go around.  The idea is to do the normal
thing since man is a creature of habit.

It also points out the necessity to rigorously:
1. say "gear down"
2. Do it
3. Wait for the green light(s)
4. say "gear down and indicated locked" and point to the light(s).
5. Be aware of the "sounds" of the gear being down.
6. Be aware of the power and A/S required for a normal approach.
   if the gear is not down you might have trouble showing the bird down.
7. Don't depend on the gear down horn or automatic extension systems to
work if so equipted.
Check list for aircraft should be done in at least 3 places during
approach.  Just before descent (full POH list), downwind (GUMP check), and
a quick "(3) green" check over the fence.
If you fly fixed and the checks always as if you have
retracts.  "Gear down and welded  :-)".

Bob Furtaw - W8IL
All disclaimers ever written by anybody apply. :-)