Re: Is there a FAQ list for this group & where can I get info?

From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
Organization: Chicago Software Works
Date:         26 Feb 93 04:43:25 PST
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>I haven't seen a FAQ list, or any mention of one, since I started
>reading this newsgroup a few weeks ago.  Is there one, and if not, is
>there a site (accessible by FTP) from which I might be able to retrieve
>information related to this group?

An early draft of a FAQ was circulated a month or so ago, but nothing
has been done on it for a while.  Archives of the group, as well as a
few other files of interest, are available via anonymous ftp from; they're in /pub/airliners.

>Well, I suppose most people here are reading this group out of some
>sort of professional interest

I really do need to work up a bio at some point.  The short story is
that Unix and networking pay the bills for me, while airliners are
just a off-hours interest.  With the increasing computerization of
modern airliners there's an increasing professional interest, but it
is still pretty far afield from my real work.

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