Is there a FAQ list for this group & where can I get info?

From: (D.M.Procida)
Date:         26 Feb 93 04:43:23 PST
Organization: Computing Lab, University of Kent at Canterbury, UK.
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I haven't seen a FAQ list, or any mention of one, since I started
reading this newsgroup a few weeks ago.  Is there one, and if not, is
there a site (accessible by FTP) from which I might be able to retrieve
information related to this group?

I have no particular reason for wanting information other than the most
compelling fascination I have ever had! Flight, but especially
commercial airline flight, grabs my attention in a way that nothing else
does.  Why should I enjoy reading about cockpit design, or the
considerations which made the designers of the DC-10 put the engines
closer in-board than they might have done otherwise, for goodness' sake?
But I can hardly think of anything more engrossing... 

I also have a terrific fear of flying (who knows why, it came upon me by
surprise a few years ago, after I spent the first 18 years of my life
taking an average of about ten flights a year with no worries at all)
and I think perhaps if I can see more of these discussions etc it may be
dispelled.  I get such a strange thrill just from *seeing*
jet-airliners, and I regularly dream about flying (and usually about
being involved in some sort of accident). 

Well, I suppose most people here are reading this group out of some sort
of professional interest, and I don't imagine that I have much to
contribute to it, but if anyone could let me know where I might satisfy
my fascination with these great big metal objects that seem to hang in
the air over motorways, I'd be most grateful.