Re: Sabena goes for Avro RJs, rather than Fokkers

From: (S. TOLBOOM)
Date:         5 Sep 1995 11:28:46 -0700
Organization: Tilburg University, The Netherlands
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>I think this is an interesting decision.  On the face of it, I would
>have thought the F70 a more likely candidate.  Two fewer engines,
>and I think that there were already F28s in the Sabena fleet.  Plus
>I'm sure that Daimler-Benz (controlling owner of Fokker) would have
>offered beaucoup discounts on the thing, Fokker is in pretty desperate

The Avro RJ is the most logical choise, Crossair (member of the 
"Swissair-group", just as Sabena) already operates RJ 85's and has recently 
ordered RJ 100's; Sabena's regional subsidiary DAT currently operates BAe 
146's. Most of the F28's are on short and medium term leases from (amongst 
others) TAT btw. 

>Also, the F70 is a more "normal" looking beast.

No comments on that!

>This must be quite a feather in the BAe cap, and rather a bad blow to
>Fokker.  I wonder what BAe offered.

The deal was probably made at a price at which both BAe and Fokker would make 
a loss on it.