Re: Fokker Bankruptcy

From:         Wolfgang Keller <>
Date:         27 Jan 1996 13:07:14 -0800
Organization: Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Germany
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On 24 Jan 1996, Michael Carley wrote:

> My understanding of it was that Fokker was always in trouble
> once DASA took over. As things stood, DASA had two companies
> trying to sell similar planes into similar markets (Fokker 50
> versus Do 328). It looked as if one would have to go and it
> was always going to be Fokker. Why would DASA want to compete
> against itself?
afaik the Fokker and the Dornier aircraft never competed against each other.
Instead, when Daimler bought into Fokker they wanted to build up a
more complete product line for the regional aircraft market.
But, with Fokker being already in deep financial trouble _before_
Daimler bought in, Daimler underestimated simply the amount of money 
necessary to restructure Fokker. And as at this time there's afaik NO regional
aircraft manufacturer who's making profits by selling their aircraft,
Daimler simply didn't see any way to keep on pouring money into Fokker. 


Wolfgang Keller

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