Re: Flight Levels and Speed

From: (John T. Leipold)
Date:         12 Jul 1999 04:14:17 -0400
Organization: RoadRunner - TampaBay
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ME Incorporated <> wrote in message

> I'm sorry to post a question about a computer aircraft simulator in these


> I am not a physics major, but wouldn't it be faster to fly at the lower
> altitude in real life?  I can't see any difference in fuel consumption in
> the simulator, but then again, it's a (to be honest) crude simulation.
> Wouldn't it make sense for the airliners to fly at the lower altitude,
> the time, and turn around the aircraft faster?  This would allow the
> airlines to use less aircraft, less crews, and make more money with more
> paying passengers per aircraft per day.  (Provided, of course, fuel
> consumption stays constant at cruise.)
The simulation is not that far off.  Yes flying at a lower altitude will
allow the A/C to fly a bit faster but not enough to make much difference
trips made per day.  The turbines are even less efficient at higher
altitudes, but fuel consumption is much lower.  The higher the flight, the
less drag and that is the biggest factor with fuel consumption.  I knew a
former Braniff pilot who told me that on flights between DFW and HOU they
would get as high as possible and then start into an immediate descent.