Re: Add MD-90 to thrust/weight ratio table?

From: (Darren Rhodes)
Date:         12 Feb 1996 15:55:35 -0800
Organization: Loughborough University of Technology
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In article <4f8rnv$lf@gsb-crown.Stanford.EDU>,
   rna@gsb-crown.Stanford.EDU (Robert Ashcroft) wrote:
>I flew a Delta MD-90 yesterday and was impressed by its vigorous
>ascent.  A while ago someone made a table of thrust/weight ratios
>for various airliners showing the 757 ended on top (apart from the
>Concorde that is, which is in a special category!).
>I was wondering if that person (Andrew Chuang? Karl Swartz?) could
>add the MD-90 to the table to see where it stacks up.  In some ways
>it reminded me of the 757, being long and thin with big high-bypass

The MD-90-30 has thrust to weight ratio of 0.3204.

For comparison:

Boeing 757-200          0.3645
Boeing 737-300          0.3213
Airbus A321-100         0.3309
MD-81                   0.2748
MD-87                   0.2976

The MD-90-30 value is certainly higher than that of its predecessor, the 
MD-81/2/37, probably due to the higher bypass-ratio engine producing less 
thrust (relatively) at cruise, as quoted take-off distance at 2135m is similar 
to the MD-81 (2195m).

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