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Date:         Wed, 03 Mar 1999 01:53:01 GMT
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> Everybody seems to be forgetting the new Dornier 728 now being developed in
> Germany.  Both LH Cityline and Crossair have said they will buy 60+ each.
> (formal announcements at Paris?)
> The funny thing is the new Embraer and the BRJ-X look just lime the 728, but
> both of those aircraft mat be just 'paper aircraft' launched to stall the
> Dornier project which has a major head start.

Well, the initial poster asked for "available" aircraft, and the 728
certainly isn't available now. Nor has it even been launched. The statements
from LH CityLine and Crossair, you may recall, weren't orders, or even
letters of intent, they were "statements of interest in ordering". It's now
the better part of a year later, and they still haven't been turned into firm
orders. Crossair is said to be unhappy with the direction the project is
taking in terms of engine selection and fuselage cross-section. LH CityLine
has ordered CRJ-700s and even though it has said this is only a temporary
measure until the 728JET is available, it has yet to place an actual
signature on a dotted line with FD.

Meanwhile, Fairchild Dornier is said to be in talks with ATR to merge the 728
and AIRJET projects. So overall, I'd say that the putative headstart of the
728 is nebulous at best.

And BAe has now revamped the Avro RJ with new engines. This is such a low-cost
program compared to the all-new competition, as well as offering the advantage
of an instant family of 70, 85, and 100-seat models (whereas the 528 and 928
siblings of the 728 won't be available until much later; ditto for the ERJ-190
sibling to the ERJ-170) that it may well steal much of their thunder. (For
details on the RJX see

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