Re: A340 gear incidents

From:         "Tim Lee" <>
Date:         27 Sep 1998 15:31:47 GMT
Organization: BT Internet
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I used to be responsible for puchasing the main gears for A330 and A340 from
Messier Dowty, and this post interested me!

AFAIR, most of the aircraft were fitted with D standard gear (up to about
MSN140, which is about as far as I got before leaving).  During my time
there, product improvements were continous, so what letter they're up to
now, God knows.  I'm not sure what MSN the Virgin aircraft is, but I'd guess
it was a D or pre-D gear.

You're right - the VS aircraft had an extension failure (caused I believe by
a maintenance error with the brake rods) - the crew then landed on the
understanding that they had a leg missing.  The SN case is interesting, and
I wasn't aware of it.  Having seen many facts and figs about the MLG of
A330/340, and having known many of the highly careful and competent people
who design and build them, a "break" seems incredible.