Re: Swissair MD11 Crash - additional details

Date:         8 Sep 1998 18:14:43 GMT
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> I seen a webpage sometime ago that had several FAA reports of aviation
> accidents.  Indeed, the MD-11, like the DC-10, has had a string of incidents
> and mishaps in recent years.  There was a FedEx accident last year involving
> an MD-11, and I can't recall the others at the moment.

A 'string' of incidents? Let's check the facts: there was only one previous
hull loss, that of FedEx at Newark last year, in which no-one was killed.
There was only one previous fatal event, on a China Eastern flight which
encountered severe in-flight turbulence. That's in the eight years since the
MD-11 entered service (late 1990). The NTSB database at shows 10 incidents on the MD-11 since 1
January 1996, none fatal; that same database shows 20 for the 767, including
1 fatal (Ethiopian) in the same time period, 21 for the 757 (3 fatal), 20 for
the 747 (3 fatal), 8 for the TriStar (1 fatal), and 11 for the DC-10 (none
fatal). If the MD-11's record since 1996 qualifies it for "a string of
incidents" then so does that of everyone else, and I hope you enjoy riding
the trains (which also have their problems...)

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