Re: The B737-900 is launched by Alaska's order

From: (H Andrew Chuang)
Date:         11 Nov 1997 23:16:59 GMT
Organization: Concentric Internet Services
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Joseph Edward Nemec  <> wrote:
>H Andrew Chuang wrote:
>> Alaska has placed an order of 10 B737-900s and became the launch
>> customer of the longest B737.  For details, see Boeing's news
>> release:
>> <>
>I noticed that the B737-900 is the largest of the 737s, but Boeing
>reports that the passenger capacity for the planes
>that Alaska Airways has ordered is 177 pax, as opposed to the
>180+ for the B737-800. What's going on? Is the -900 a particularly
>long-range aircraft, or is Alaska Airways going for some sort of
>premium seating?

The max seating capacity for the B737-800 is 189, IIRC, but that's
in one-class, high-density configuration.  Many European inclusive
operators are interested in the B737-800.  I believe the max
seating capacity of the B737-900 will remain at 189 which is
limited by the emergency exit requirement.  The B737-800 is about
the size of the A320.  The B737-900, I think, is a tad smaller
than the A321 (and the B757-200).