Re: aborted takeoff and brake damage

From: (David Tyler)
Date:         13 Sep 1997 03:31:51 GMT
Organization: Air Force Phillips Lab.
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Christopher Davis <> writes:

>JFM> ==  Jean-Francois Mezei <[non-spam]>

> JFM> Assuming no wait prior to second attempt to take off, with brakes
> JFM> still hot, what would happen when the landing gear is retracted in
> JFM> the wheel wells?

>It would, of course, depend on how hot the brakes were.

>In 1963, Swissair lost a Caravelle after they overheated the brakes
>while attempting to clear fog from the runway using the jet blast; this
>led to a wheel fracture and tire burst at or near the beginning of the
>takeoff roll, and possibly another tire burst after the gear were

in my days as a 707 FE, we had charts provided to let us know how 
long the landing gear had to be left extended to cool them down in
in the event of an aborted takeoff immediately followed by a success-
ful takeoff.