Re: Korean Air 801 crashed on approach to Guam

From: (Chris Wilcox)
Date:         11 Aug 1997 16:01:42 -0400
Organization: Department of Encryption, Division of Obfuscation
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Phil Wood <> wrote:

>A localizer approach provides just directional information lined up
>directly to the runway.  Alltitude step-downs occur at either fixed time
>or distance increments until you reach a minimum descent hight. If you
>see the runway, land - If not, go around.  Under no circumstances can
>you go below the minimum.  Obviously, KAL801 violated that rule.

I suspect this guy didn't go below mins--at least not knowingly.
There's just no reason.  I suspect they didn't reset the altimeter.
The radar altimeter may have squawked once or twice, if they even set
it (who knows), but I know for sure that the "PULL UP!  TERRAIN!"
announcements would have been soundly ignored on "short" final as they
are part of every landing.

And to think of the "peace of mind" that GPWS gives the flying

>The tough ones (in my opinion) are NDBs - That's what was in use at
>Dubrovnik when Sec. Brown went down.

No argument there.

Chris Wilcox