Re: Air Canada and Virgin order Airbus planes

From:         domk1031@cetus.zrz.TU-Berlin.DE (Burkhard Domke)
Date:         07 Aug 1997 15:10:43 -0400
Organization: Technical University of Berlin, Germany
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I'm still curious whether both the A340-500 and A340-600 will ever
come aloft. Several problems still need to be resolved:

-  structural problems regarding the overly elongated fuselage
(strength, tail-wag, weight).

-  structural problems regarding the WBI wing (aeroelasticity, reduced
thickness/chord ratio, heavier engines) with a completely altered
dynamic response, related certification issues.

-  the problem of a severely limited takeoff rotation calling for a
high lift coefficient at low alpha is aggravated by excessive wing
loading (unless wing area is considerably above the 437sqm I read
somewhere). This may be resolved by complex high-lift devices, at a

-  a specified initial cruise altitude of FL350, compared to a mere
FL270 at ISA +10C at MTOW for the -200 (according to AOM)

-  availability of a suitable powerplant, where cost and time are
driving factors

Would be a different story though if AI quietly decided to develop a
COMPLETELY new, large wing also suitable for a REAL 747-successor
(P400, P450)  while circulating the WBI to lead us up the garden

B. Domke