Re: Air Canada and Virgin order Airbus planes

From: (H Andrew Chuang)
Date:         6 Aug 1997 11:51:51 GMT
Organization: Concentric Internet Services
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In article <5s7sne$4s4$>,
Niels Sampath <> wrote:
>In article <5rv7lt$>
>  "H Andrew Chuang" writes:
>>I'm surprised that no one has posted anything about the two orders in
>>these two newsgourps.  
>Humour mode on please:
>Maybe thats because the news only emerged on the wires yesterday, 
>these are moderated groups  and unlike you   who has self-approval 
>rights  we, the Great Unwashed, have to wait until a moderator is 
>available to approve our posts. And since the moderator might probably
>have heard the same news and post it him/herself: why should [I]
>bother spending that 5 mins. typing out something that will
>be rejected as redundant?

Actually, Helen approved a batch last Friday, and someone did post
AC's press release.  However, my news server has been a bit unreliable
lately.  When I posted the previous message last Saturday, I had not
seen the AC post, hence, I made the comment.

Anyway, I try not to abuse my privilege too much. ;-)  Since these
newsgroups usually have good coverage on American and European
carriers, I tend not to post breaking news about them (so other people
have a chance to do so ;-) ).  When it comes to airline-related breaking
news, I try to limit myself to news about Asia-Pacific airlines, such
as the AN/NZ/SQ alliance, etc.

>I'll skip the details.  Basically, AC is going
>>to order 3 A330-200s and 5 A340-300s to replace 6 B747 Classics and 2
>		 ^^^
>The AC news release mentioned only A330-300s.
>No mention on engines... one would guess Pratts, eh?

Yes, it's the -300.  Many have corrected my mistake.  Thanks!