Re: Air Canada and Virgin order Airbus planes

From:         "Michel Gammon" <>
Date:         05 Aug 1997 15:33:39 -0400
Organization: Sympatico
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H Andrew Chuang <> wrote in article

> I'm surprised that no one has posted anything about the two orders in
> these two newsgourps.  I'll skip the details.  Basically, AC is going
> to order 3 A330-200s and 5 A340-300s to replace 6 B747 Classics and 2
> leased A340-300s.  Options on A340-500s and A340-600s are intended to
> replace its B747-400s.  VS has announced its intent to buy 16 A340-600s
> and 2 A340-300s.  For details, you can check the websites of respective
> airlines or Airbus website <>.

I believe it is the other way around:  5 330s and 3 A340s.  Plus, the A330s
are I believe the high gross weight versions, 300 series, and can carry
around 290 pax, so they are essentially the current A340 airframe but a
twin.  Apparently the range will be around 5800 sm, enough for
Vancouver-LHR non-stop.

> 1. AC's order is not a big surprise, even though there were rumors that
>    AC might order the B777.  With AC's current fleet, the A340 makes
>    sense.  However, I am surprised that AC is replacing the old B747s
>    with the much smaller A330-200 and A340-300, especially the A330-200
>    which is about 60% the size of a B747.

See above.  Basically, 6 aircraft will replace 6 aircraft:  2 of the 3
A340s will replace the leased A340-300s, and 6 747s are being retired, so
you get six for six.  Now, at least one of those 747s were flown in combi
configuration.  With the A330-300, they will be about 75% the pax capacity
of a non-combi 747 classic.

While I think the AC order makes sound sense, this enthusiast is sad that
he won't get the chance to see the big red maple leaf on the tail of a 777.

Mike Gammon