Re: Air Canada and Virgin order Airbus planes

From:         caribb <>
Date:         05 Aug 1997 15:22:04 -0400
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    You are right, AC's choice for the new Airbus aircraft is not a
surprise. The 747-200s  that the A330s will replace were Combi versions
that were generally configured for just over 200 passengers which makes
if somewhat close to the capacity of the A330. Furthermore the A330-200
is a possible choice in the future for 767 replacements. The 747-100
however had a higher capacity but were old and are more costly today
than new planes.

    I have a feeling Boeing's prediction for future air travel is on the
mark in that over time airlines will use smaller aircraft in turn for
more direct routes between smaller city pairs rather than funneling them
through hugh hubs. Air Canada bought the Canadair Regional jet to avoid
such hubs therefore it is logical they'll probably use some of the A330s
to start up direct routes to smaller European cities. Furthermoe the
A340-500 is being chosen for a nonstop Toronto-Hong King run which will
ultimately takes passengers off the Vancouver-Hong Kong run. The 747s
are just becoming too big especially when there are better more
efficient aircraft to do the same job. If you look at the press release
however, the 3rd phase calls for higher capacity aircraft and no
specific type is mentioned. This could end up as a purchase for the A3XX
if it is needed at that time. Furthermore the 747-400 is staying in the
fleet well past the year 2000 so they arn't dumping the big jet
completely for quite a while.

    I've also noticed that this summer there seems to be an unusual
increase in the volume of flights to some cities from Canada.
Toronto-London and Montreal-Paris have on occasion had anywhere from
10-15 flights in one day on some days in the week. Last Friday there
were 11 flights alone to Paris (Air Canada, Air France, Air Transat,
Canada 3000, Royal and Corse Air) from Montreal plus another 3 or 4 to
other French cities like Marseille, Toulose, Lyon and Nice. Canadain/BA
is advertising upwards of 15 flights a day to London from Toronto and
Air Canada is claiming a similar number of flights. With that type of
volume on traditional high density routes 747s will be flying half
empty  therefore 767s and A310s are more practical. If the giant plane
is not going to be used on those traditional routes then they are not
going to be used on lower volume services. This is why, I suppose,
American and Delta don't fly 747s as well. There are so many flights
leaving new York for London, Paris & Frankfurt each day that between all
the airlines and all the flights no one except a few amrket leaders can
sustain a 747 size capacity.. best to fight the competition with more
flights than larger planes.

    Now the question remains... will the A3XX ever get off the domputer
design screens?