possible new engine for the B777-200X

From:         Chuanga@cris.com (H Andrew Chuang)
Date:         21 Jun 1997 14:10:57 GMT
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Boeing did not launch the B777-200X at the Paris Air Show.  One of
the problems is airlines like Singapore Airlines are demanding longer
range capability than what Boeing originally proposed.  SIA wants
year-round, full-payload (of only 206 passengers!), non-stop operation
between Singapore and Los Angeles.  That means the 102K-lb-thrust
engine proposed by Rolls-Royce and GE would not be adequate.  In fact,
GE withdrew its GE90-102B offering citing a lack of market demand.
Well, I guess it's just a smokescreen.  Now, Pratt & Whitney and GE
are discussing a new joint venture to develop an engine for the

My guess is when Boeing finalizes the B777-200X design, the aircraft
may have a range capability close to 9,000nmi.  (When the B777 was
launched in 1990, I seem to recall the original proposed C-market
B777 would have a range of 9,000nmi.)  Then, the B777-300X may
actually end up with a range close to the current B747-400.  BTW, the
A340-500 will have a range of 8,300nmi, only.  Will Rolls be able to
come up with a 110K-lb-thrust engine cheaply?  Or, will Rolls just
concentrate on the A340-500/600 market?  It's getting interesting.

With Singapore Airlines (along with American Airlines) as the most
likely launch customer for the B777-200X, I think it would be quite
appropriate for Boeing to launch the new derivative at the 1998 Asian
Aerospace Show in Singapore next February.