Re: Trent 700-powered A330 grounded in Hong Kong

From: (Kuang-Chung Chao)
Date:         10 Jun 1997 13:10:46 -0400
Organization: UB
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H Andrew Chuang <> wrote:


>IMHO, because of a lack of aircraft and aero-engine industries in Asia,
>people there tend to be less knowledgeable about airplanes and egines.
>Thus, I think the airplane and the engine will have a fairly negative
>image in the region due to the grounding.  Cathay, Rolls, and Airbus had
>better hope the problem won't show up again.  Otherwise, no one will want
>to fly Cathay's A330.

There has been well documented problems related to DC-10, Airbus 320,
747 and most recently 737's design. All were brought to public attention
after major accidents. All these model are still flying, none of those
problem have any kind of impact on passenger's willingness to fly. Even
though I have to confess I don't particular like to fly on DC-10 and
A-320. ;) And I very much doubt the people's general knowledge about
aviation has anything to do with the spread of aircraft and engine
industries. Pierre Salinger announce his ridicules claim first to a French
magazine, himself an American. The two countries where almost 100% of the
world's airliners are made. And it has been demostrated again and again in
this and other related newgroups, most people just don't care which
airline/airliner they're flying. Lack of domestic industries and governing
body might even help stop senseless witch hunts.



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