Re: Trent 700-powered A330 grounded in Hong Kong

From: (H Andrew Chuang)
Date:         5 Jun 1997 05:15:52 GMT
Organization: Concentric Internet Services
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Two retrofitted A330s, one belongs to Cathay Pacific Airways and the other
Dragonair, return to revenue service on June 4th after certification by
the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department.

Cathay expects to have its fleet of 11 A330s to return to service by the
end of next week.

Rolls was able to fix the problem relatively quickly by replacing the current
Trent 700 gearbox with the Trent 800 box.  Let's hope it's a real fix.  The
Trent 800 has been in service for only about a year.  The first Trent 700
problem didn't show up until after nearly two years of service.

IMHO, because of a lack of aircraft and aero-engine industries in Asia,
people there tend to be less knowledgeable about airplanes and egines.
Thus, I think the airplane and the engine will have a fairly negative image
in the region due to the grounding.  Cathay, Rolls, and Airbus had better
hope the problem won't show up again.  Otherwise, no one will want to fly
Cathay's A330.