Trent 700-powered A330 grounded in Hong Kong

From: (H Andrew Chuang)
Date:         25 May 1997 14:42:30 GMT
Organization: Concentric Internet Services
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On Saturday, May 24, a Dragonair A330 experienced an inflight shutdown
on one of its four Trent 700-powered A330-300 and made an emergency
landing in the Philippines.  Cathay Pacific and Dragonair decided to
voluntarily ground all their A330s (Cathay has 11 and Dragonair has 4).
The Hong Kong aviation authority has earlier cancelled the 180-minute
ETOPS rating of the said aircraft because of two inflight shutdowns
(IFSD) of the Trent engines on Cathay Pacific's A330s in the past month.
Dragonair's most recent IFSD is the fifth for the Trent A330 since last
November (Cathay had 3 and Dragonair 2).

The only other carrier that has Trent 700-powered A330 in service is
Garuda Indonesia.  Ironically, some Jakarta-bound passengers on
Cathay was transferred to a Garuda Trent A330 flight.

Cathay says it will try to lease some airplanes to replace the grounded
fleet.  The grounding should have a davastating effect on Dragonair
because about half of its capacity is provided by the four A330s.

It's also reported that Gulf Air is considering cancel its Trent engine
order for the A330.  Other airlines that have ordered the Trent 700
engine include Emirates and Trans World.  Since the Trent 700 and 800
are so closely related, I wonder if the problem will eventually show
up in the Trent 800, too.  Rolls-Royce's market share in the widebody
market has significantly improved with the Trent 700/800.  Let's see
how soon Rolls-Royce can correct the problem, and whether the problem
will have any long-term negative effect on R-R.