Re: Delta's engine selections

From: (Peter Hollingsworth)
Date:         07 Apr 1997 15:56:52 -0400
Organization: The Grandscale Earthly Destructor
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Andrew Chuang) wrote:

> Delta has just announced its engine selections for the B767 and the
> B777.  For the B767, Delta reverts back to the CF6 engine!  Currently,
> the CF6-80A engine on Delta's GE-powered B767s is an older generation
> CF6.  Delta also has many PW4060-powered B767-300ERs in its fleet.  For
> Delta's newly ordered B767s, the CF6-80C2B6/B7 have been selected.
> Delta also has options on ten B777-200s.  If it chooses to convert these
> options, Rolls-Royce's Trent 892 will be used!  Obviously, Delta will
> use the B777 for long range operations.
> To me, this is a big surprise.  This means, other than a few B757s, P&W
> is practically shut out of Delta's deal.  (The B737 is exclusively
> powered by the CFM56 engine.)  It looks like P&W may also be shut out
> from the AA deal.  I doubt AA will go with P&W for the B777 powerplant,
> but let's wait and see.  Twenty some years ago, P&W had the total
> domination of the engine market.  Now, it looks like that P&W may have a
> hard time holding onto its No. 2 position!

The CF6's that delta is opting for the CF6-80C2B6/B7 are ccompletely new
to delta either, The Gulf air 767's that Delta just purchased, are powered
by the CF6-80C2's.  I understand that delta and P&W may have had some sort
of falling out. don't know though as I am not privilaged to any of those

Peter Hollingsworth
The Grand Scale Earthly Destructor