Re: Delta Air Lines fleet renewal

From:         M Carling <>
Date:         07 Apr 1997 15:39:26 -0400
Organization: Merrill Lynch
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Stephen D. Todd wrote:
> Joseph Edward Nemec wrote:
> > That's strange, because even United's 777 have had an operational
> > record that is better than any other airplane in service. BA has had
> > trouble with the 777 IGWs engines, but that's GE, not Boeing.
> Perhaps someone else could help us out here, but I know that at least a
> year ago United wrote what was considered to be a "stinging" letter to
> Boeing regarding the operational reliability of the aircraft.
> Things may have changed since then, I don't know. I know that initially
> UA was extremely pleased with the aircraft, complimenting it is as the
> most reliable (new) aircraft they had ever operated (during it's
> integration into the fleet).

The letter which United wrote to Boeing complaining about the 777's
teething problems was:
1) comparing the 777 with what Boeing had promised, not against other
2) reportedly a normal part of the shakedown process because the
contracts typically include penalties that the manufacturer must pay to
the airline if contracted performance goals aren't met.

M Carling