Re: Delta Air Lines fleet renewal

From: (Malcolm Weir)
Date:         07 Apr 1997 15:36:19 -0400
Organization: Little to None
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On 04 Apr 1997 14:01:42 -0500, "Stephen D. Todd"
<> wrote:

>Perhaps someone else could help us out here, but I know that at least a
>year ago United wrote what was considered to be a "stinging" letter to
>Boeing regarding the operational reliability of the aircraft.

(referring to the B777-200A)

I'm reliably informed that this was a media storm in a teacup.  By the
time Boeing actually received the letter, most of the issues had been
resolved by the operations (as opposed to management) folks.  The tone
of the document was generally considered to be a result of the
personality of the author, rather than the mood of airline!

Of course, the press was delighted to hear what they thought was some
dirt on an aircraft that had been getting glowingly nice reports...

>Things may have changed since then, I don't know. I know that initially UA
>was extremely pleased with the aircraft, complimenting it is as the most
>reliable (new) aircraft they had ever operated (during it's integration
>into the fleet).

And since then, other airlines have voted with their pocket books,
suggesting that the thing really is what they want...