Re: Delta Air Lines fleet renewal

From:         "J. Heilig" <>
Date:         04 Apr 1997 14:06:28 -0500
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Joseph Edward Nemec wrote:
> Stephen D. Todd wrote:
> > On countless occasions I've heard the 777 referred to as the Trouble-7.
> > Rumour has it that UA experiences frequent mech delays. Althought the
> > M11 seems to go mech in "spurts" ie: last week of every month... or
> > something to that effect.
> That's strange, because even United's 777 have had an operational
> record that is better than any other airplane in service. BA has had
> trouble with the 777 IGWs engines, but that's GE, not Boeing.

	Thank you for a voice of reason.  What most people seem to lack is a
sense of perspective.  Sure, the 777 has had problems, but the fact is,
its in service reliability rate is higher than any other aircraft in
history (at this stage of its life).  A friend who used to work in
safety engineering at GE's engine division told me she'd never step foot
on a GE90 powered aircraft, knowing what she knew about the program. 
The results seem to be what we're seeing with BA's problems right now.  

	I've just visited with the director of maintenance for Japan Air
Systems at Haneda, and they're extremely pleased with their 777/PW
combination.  With over 400 hours of pilot training time on its log
book, their first 777-200 (the wraparound rainbow) has achieved some
impressive numbers.  It was placed into revenue service on 4/1/97 with
great fanfare.

Jennings Heilig