Re: Delta Air Lines fleet renewal

From:         "Gary Welch" <>
Date:         04 Apr 1997 13:24:25 -0500
Organization: Compaq
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Joseph Edward Nemec <"nemecj" (IHTFP!!!)> wrote in article
> Stephen D. Todd wrote:
> > On countless occasions I've heard the 777 referred to as the Trouble-7.
> > Rumour has it that UA experiences frequent mech delays. Althought the
> > M11 seems to go mech in "spurts" ie: last week of every month... or
> > something to that effect.

> That's strange, because even United's 777 have had an operational
> record that is better than any other airplane in service. BA has had
> trouble with the 777 IGWs engines, but that's GE, not Boeing.

An ad for the GE90 on the inside cover of the March 24, 1997 Aviation Week
& Space Technology claims a 99.97% dispatch reliability rate and no
in-flight disruptions in 12,000 departures.  They quote BA as saying "It
has been the smoothest introduction we have ever had with a new aircraft
and engine."