Re: Delta Air Lines fleet renewal

From: (Michael Jennings)
Date:         26 Mar 1997 18:10:19 GMT
Organization: University of Cambridge DAMTP
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Merlin Dorfman <> wrote:
>H Andrew Chuang ( wrote:

>: The MD-90 is doomed.  The MD-95 does not have a bright future, either.

>     I expect the first thing Boeing will do is stop production of all
>McDonnell Douglas airliners.  To produce more than one in any category
>would only be competing with themselves, and to kill a Boeing product
>would be admitting the McD aircraft is better...unlikely at best.

I don't think that they will be that dogmatic about it. I'd think that any
orders that are outstanding will be filled, if the airline wants them to
be, and if orders keep coming for any of the MD types and Boeing/MD can
make money on them, Boeing will keep selling them. It would be poor
business practice to do otherwise. I agree with Andrew that the MD-90
won't last long and the MD-95 probably won't last long either (although
Boeing doesn't have a direct competitor to it). The one aircraft I wonder
about is actually the MD-11, and more particularly the MD-11F. The
freighter version is quite popular and has received a few orders lately,
Boeing doesn't have a direct competitor, and the 777 people are presently
more concerned with longer-range passenger varients. I would think that it
would be at least useful for Boeing to keep supporting this for a while.

Michael Jennings
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The University of Cambridge.
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