Re: Delta Air Lines fleet renewal

From:         Arnold Tang <>
Date:         24 Mar 1997 19:38:44 GMT
Organization: Stanford University
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Anyone want to elaborate on the meaning of "targeted growth in the west" 

I haven't been able to compute it numerically, but are available 
west-coast Delta passenger-seat-miles growing or declining?

Perhaps one translation of "targeted growth" is "grow wherever Southwest 
hasn't squeezed us out."  Or perhaps "grow DelEx wherever Southwest 
hasn't already won."

>  SDT> -- Strengthen Delta's leading transatlantic position at (Helen's
>  SDT> favourite!) JFK Airport in New York and across the North Atlantic.
> blech. :)

I second that opinion.

> But I will welcome the 767-400. The L1011s middle seat was an ouch!
> Not so on the 767-400 :)

Oh, I wouldn't speak so soon.  Just wait until Delta announces the 
767-400s as its "first 8-across widebody!"