Re: Delta Air Lines fleet renewal

From:         "Stephen D. Todd" <>
Date:         24 Mar 1997 18:40:55 GMT
Organization: Sympatico
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Helen Trillian Rose wrote:
> I'd love to see what the conditions are! I suspect there is no "clause" in
> the contract similar to the one AA had (i.e. no labour deal, no planes).

Unlike AA, Delta's labour situation is solid. So if not labour, what are
the special conditions?

> Personally, I'm bummed DL didn't take firm orders of the 777.

On countless occasions I've heard the 777 referred to as the Trouble-7.
Rumour has it that UA experiences frequent mech delays. Althought the
M11 seems to go mech in "spurts" ie: last week of every month... or
something to that effect.


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