Re: Delta Air Lines fleet renewal

From: (H Andrew Chuang)
Date:         20 Mar 1997 22:33:23 GMT
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In article <5gs6cu$>,
Helen Trillian Rose <> wrote:
>SDT> == Stephen D Todd <>
> SDT>            B737     B757     B767-300/ER   B767-400   B777-200   Total
> SDT> Firm
> SDT> Aircraft    70        5         10          21           0        106
> SDT> (1998-    (1998-    (1998-      (2000-
> SDT> 2006)     1999)     1999)       2001)
>I didn't expect any more 757 orders but nonetheless I am pleased. :) The
>767-300/767-400 mix is about what I'd expect (to replace the Tristars in a
>mix of longer haul/higher passenger count). 
>Personally, I'm bummed DL didn't take firm orders of the 777. 

I'm not too surprised by that.  I think the picture is very clear:
both the B777 and the A330-300 are too big for most European and
North American operators for regional flights.  (And DL, unlike AA,
is willing to live with the subpar MD-11 for long-haul flights.)
In fact, after Air Inter (or Air France Europe) phase out their
A330-300s, there are only two (Aer Lingus and LTU) European A330-300
operators.  The rest are Pacific Rim operators plus one in the Middle
East (Gulf Air) and two US carriers (NW and TW) with firm orders.
IMHO, both NW and TW are unlikely to operate the A330-300.  I think
the rumored NW A330-200 order will replace the old A330-300 order.  BTW,
there is an article in Today's (3/20) Seattle Times on the DL/Boeing
deal.  In the article, the reporter does not think Continental will buy
the A330-200.

> SDT> -- Simplifying the fleet by removing non-standard B737-300 aircraft
> SDT> and the MD-90 aircraft.
>This one was somewhat of a surprise. The MD-90 has been a real bitch for
>DL ("Minimum Delay 90 minutes"). A WSJ article I read said that they would
>love to get out of the contract for the rest of them, yet the above seems
>to imply they will dump *all* of their MD90s. I guess with so few of them,
>they'd much rather have none than 10-12. 

The MD-90 is doomed.  The MD-95 does not have a bright future, either.

>I'll go out on a limb and say their 757 and 767-300 will keep the Pratt,
>and the 767-400 will get the Pratt.

I would think so, too.

>If/when DL decided to
>take 777s, that's when the real decision would come into play.

I think Pratt will get this one, too.  Unless, something really drastic
happens in the next few years.