Re: Help ID Piedmont Propeller Planes, Please

From: (Jerry Green)
Date:         9 Dec 1996 18:20:29 GMT
Organization: Netcom
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  or MIME structure (John Witherspoon) wrote:

>In the mid to late 1970s, Piedmont Airlines flew propeller planes into
>Myrtle Beach, South Carolina's airport, which was not at the time (and is
>not presently) equipped for commercial jets (jet traffic into MYB started
>soon thereafter, when all commercial flights were moved to the civilian
>terminal of the Myrtle Beach Air Force base).
>Can anyone shed any light on what type of planes these prop transports
>might have been?  If memory serves, they were large, four engine planes,
>i.e. bigger than, say, Convair 580s.

John, I recall that PI had Martin 404's for many years, but they had
two engines.  Quite impressive belching flaming exhaust at night.
They also had some Fairchild F-27 turboprops which replaced the