Re: 747 / Air Force 1 Question

From:         Bill Hensley <>
Date:         23 Feb 1996 01:13:11 -0800
Organization: TRW Oklahoma City Engineering Office
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  or MIME structure (Kim Hackett) wrote:
>There are two AF1's; virtually identical 747-200s.
>The major engineering feat was when the FAA reclassified the lower lobe
>area of the plane (the forward baggage compartment) as accessible in 
>flight due to the fact that it is used for ground entrance using 
>airstairs.  This caused additional fire extinguishing systems to be added.

Hmmm, the E-4B (another 747-200) is also in-flight accessable in both 
the forward and aft lower lobes, but I don't recall seeing any additional fire 
suppression installed (except for the trailing wire antenna).  There is a
lot of overtemp sensors in the equipment racks, though.


Bill Hensley