Re: Request: Complete List of Aircraft Storage Locations

From: (Eric Olesen)
Date:         20 Feb 1996 05:25:24 GMT
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John Witherspoon ( wrote:
: There are always references to aircraft "parked in the desert" for
: storage.  Could somebody please post a complete list of where the major
: storage facilities are, whether they're open for tours, what kinds
: of aircraft are there, etc.?  Thanks!

The major storage facilities are at Marana Air Park (Arizona) and Movave 
(California). Some storage has also been available at LAS, AMA, TUS, and 

The big military storage facility is at Davis-Monthan in Tucson, and 
-is- open for tours on certain days of the month. Their phone number is 
1-520-750-3358 (recorded info). There are only former military aircraft and 
a few scrapped 707s at this facility. No WWII aircraft left anymore, but 
a few of the museums nearby do have some.

Mohave is the only commercial storage facility that is a) accessable to
the public and b) offers tours. The facility was recently toured by two of
the co-moderators plus one other major contributor who flew us there in a
private chartered 777... (OK, it was a Dutchess, but the N number had
'777' in it!), and is currently at a low for storage. 2 new MD11's being
prepped for delivery to the Royal Saudi family, three ex-BA L1011's being
converted into freighters, the entire US BAe146 fleet, a ex-CO DC10 and 
A300, plus a few white-tail 747-100s and -200s. In the scrap heap were a 
HP 747-200, several ex-PA 727s, some ex-EA DC9s and 727s, several ex-CO 
727-100s and 737-100s, plus the TW CV880 fleet and a lone CV990. Tours 
are ad-hoc, and done by the security guard/fueler in his spare time. The 
cost is $10.00 per van, and tips are quite welcome (especially if you 
want to see the good stuff!). No reservations are taken, and tour 
availability is never guaranteed.

Marana is operated by Evergreen Int'l, and is closed to the public. Most
of the AA and UA mothballed DC10-10s are here, as are several of the ex-PA
747s. Its been three years since I was there last, so I can't really tell 
you what else is there. The only way that you can visit is to fly over 
the storage facility. There -are- flight operations at Marana, so don't 
expect to be able to see too much...


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