From:         Martin Judkins <>
Date:         27 Jan 1996 12:52:04 -0800
Organization: Judders
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In article <>, Johan van der Veen
<> writes
>I'm quite sad that it looks like Fokker is going bankrupt. They have
>a proud history, supplying the German air force in the 1st World War
>with the planes that made the Red Baron, Manfred von Richthofen famous,

One of his triplanes is sitting in one of Fokkers hangars in Amsterdam -
could it be one of their most valuable assets?

>and producing a bestseller in the form of the
>Fokker F27 Friendship, which is still flying in many third world
Excuse me! There are many operating in the UK and Europe :)

>However, there is still a chance that the Dutch government will decide
>that it costs less to inject yet more money than to let Fokker go
>bankrupt (keeping in mind the welfare system in the Netherlands -
>a huge amount of people suddenly becoming jobless).

Condensed from The Times, London, 24th Jan:-
Dutch Parliament holding emergency debate today. Ministers expected to
agree bridging loan facilities for several months to enable viable parts
to be rescued (defence manufacturing and aircraft maintenance). Future
bleak for regional aircraft assembly. About $2.5 million needed per day
to stay afloat. Shares remain suspended. Directors seeking protection
from creditors.
Martin Judkins