Re: An unscientific survey (Airbus vs Boeing) [Long]

From: (Eric Olesen)
Date:         27 Jan 1996 16:10:09 GMT
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Nicolas E. Murat (vis@elaine47.Stanford.EDU) wrote:
: On 10 Jan 1996, Jennings Heilig wrote:

: > All I can say is, Boeing has been building airliners since 1956.  Airbus
: > is a committee (at best).  Boeing listens to it's customers, Airbus
: > treats them like it's the customer's privilege to buy airplanes from
: > Airbus.

Prove your point beyond an unshakable fact. I work for an Airbus 
customer, and they've performed on par with our requests as a customer.

And, before you start making the statements, look at history. Boeing had a
"take it or leave it" attitude at one point in the 1950's. See my post in about their refusal to widen the fuselage on the 707.  Most
of their potential customers went with the DC-8 with the exception of Pan
Am. AA refused to order without the fuselage, so Boeing finally agreed to
listen to their customer. But not after losing orders from Delta,
Northwest, United and Eastern. They learned their mistakes, but only 
after the loss of billions of dollars in sales.

If they were really the customer focused organization that you make them 
attention to their labor relations, and avoid the strikes that their 
customers have had to tolerate over the past few years... 

: As a matter of fact, Airbus does as much as it can to accomodate Fed Ex.

And they've done a lot for AA. I'm sure that they've also paid 
special attention to United, Northwest, America West, Air Canada and 
Canadian. Perhaps it is just because these are North American carriers 
who are also Boeing customers. But then again, perhaps their service 
philosophy isn't so different from Boeing or McDonnell Douglas's...

: > This just points out one of the differences in corporate philosophy.  I
: > have nothing to do with either company, but I feel *much* better getting
: > on a Boeing airplane than an Airbus.

Oh please, spare us. Painting an aircraft with the wrong shade of purple 
exposes a fundemental flaw in their corporate attitude towards customers? 
Are you in law school by any chance?... 

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