Re: Fokker Bankruptcy

From: (Kester Meijer)
Date:         27 Jan 1996 13:26:45 -0800
Organization: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
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The Dutch Newspapers reported today that the main part of Fokker is in
the Dutch version of Chapter 11 (Aviation, Aircraft, Administration
and Holding company). Other subsiduaries will be able to continue as
they are healthy businesses.
These subs are maintenance, electronics, special products (defense)
and space. 2300 employees out of 7900 (total) keep their job.

Fokker has protection for 4 weeks, in which it has to find a new
partner (Bombardier is mentioned) of other financial resources. Main
objective is to keep the Fokker Group together, even though this is a
tough call. So far no orders have been cancelled.

Employees have started a fund-raising campaign to help out.

Schrempp (Dasa) has finally dropped his "love-baby". Let's hope his
board still loves him.

Kester Meijer