New A330/340 models

From:         rna@sphinx.Stanford.EDU (Robert Ashcroft)
Date:         10 Nov 1995 14:10:44 -0800
Organization: Graduate School of Business, Stanford University
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Yesterday's (Nov 9) Financial Times mentioned Airbus was trying to go ahead
with two new versions of the A330/A340.  One would be a shrink of the A330,
something called the A330M10, designed to fly 6000 miles (presumably 10
stands for 10,000km?).  The other would be a stretch of the A340 to carry
370 passengers in typical configuration (sounds like a competitor for the

The A330M10 may be the long mooted A300 replacement, depending on how
short the shrink is.  Anyone know anymore?

Great moments in Newspeak:

  "I do not like this word 'bomb'. It is not a bomb.  It is a device
   which is exploding."

---Jacques Le Blanc, French Ambassador to New Zealand, on the tests of
   nuclear "exploding devices" in French Polynesia.