Re: Climb rates for airliners

From: (Mark Krotz)
Date:         16 Oct 1995 11:25:27 -0700
Organization: QRZ Com
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In article <airliners.1995.1664@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Daniel Wil
der) says:
>On 13 Oct 95 02:06:34 , vpribish@prokofiev. (vincent pribish) wrote:
>>As i learned in class the other day,
>>airliner climb rates are heavily dictated
>>by local noise may want to
>>climb very very steeply after liftoff and then as you
>>pass over the wealthy subdivision in your flight path
>>you will throttle back and crawl  along so you don't
>>disturb the taxpayers.
>That's a rather cynical view to take! I'm sure the "non-wealthy"
>subdivisions at the end of the runway would prefer the noise then have
>aircraft, using reduced power,  knock tiles of their house roofs on

Well, its true.  I don't understand these idiots who build a 
house under the approach/arrival path to airports, and then
bitch about airplane noise!  What the hell do they expect.  A
good example is Phoenix Sky Harbor.  Its been there since the 
late '10s or early '20s, much longer than almost any housing in
the area.  Same deal with Mesa, AZ Falcon Field.  It's been
there since the Big One, it was an RAF aux training base.  Then
some morons build houses around it in the orange groves and put
a trailer park across the road, and now they bitch about the
airplane noise!  Another interesting case is Denver.  Everyone
whined about noise around Stapelton, so the city/county spent
millions of dollars sound proofing peoples homes.  Now they
move the airport out of town, and everyone bitches cause they
have to drive too far to get to the airport.  Bottom line:
If you don't want to hear airplane noise, don't live by the
airport!  And oh yes, noise abatement procedures do affect
things like stated above (climb/departure procedures).


I love airplane noise!