Re: Are commuter aircrafts really that disliked ?

From: (Robert Ashcroft)
Date:         14 Oct 1995 12:30:12 -0700
Organization: Graduate School of Business, Stanford University
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In article <45n0oe$>,
Michael Coch <> wrote:
>On Oct 13, 1995 14:06:25 in article <Re: Are commuter aircrafts really that
>disliked ?>, ' (Lou Salz)' wrote: 
>>The CRJ can climb out over bad weather very quickly compared to 
>>the prop.  In many weather conditions, the prop never will climb high 
>>enough to get above the rough conditions. 
>There are pros and cons to everything.  According to my pilot friends, you
>don't want to be in a light jet during landing if there's wind shear --
>takes a little too long for the engines to spool up to counter the shear. 

Is this true?

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