Re: Ansett "fixes" its 767s

From: (Jerome Dawson)
Date:         4 Oct 1995 23:22:28 GMT
Organization: GoodNet
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>  Often the lead off airline has quite a say in what will be installed in
>new airliners.  United has been the lead off airline in numerous other
>airliners, such as the 737, the 727, the DC-10 and the latest 777.

Actually, I believe Lufthansa was the lead-off carrier for the 737. United 
was the lead for the 737-200, which became the predominant type until the 
CFM-powered models came along. Since only two or three dozen -100's were 
built the Lufthansa lead-off status could be considered a "blip" in the 
record but, technically, they were first.