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From: (Andrew Chuang)
Date:         2 Oct 1995 14:02:22 GMT
Organization: International Internet Association.
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Robert Ashcroft (rna@gsb-crown.Stanford.EDU) wrote:
: One thing I haven't heard anything about is the potential of the 777
: as a freighter.  How would a 777F compare to say the MD-11, or 747-100/200F
: and so forth?  Federal Express, for example, seems to think very highly
: of the MD-11 as a freighter.  Shouldn't the 777 be even better, since
: it has similar capacity but one fewer engine?

Long time ago, few operators bought brand new freighters.  Thus, most
freighters were converted from passenger aircraft.  The MD-11 has some
performance shortcomings that are unfavorable for long-haul passenger
ferrying but are not critical for cargo operations.  Perhaps that's why
FedEx is getting AA's MD11s and convert them to freighters, and Korean
Air is also converting their MD11s to freighters.  Other MD11F operators
that I'm aware of are World Airways and EVA Airways.

For most other aircraft, if there is a freighter version offerred by the
original manufacturer, the freighter version is usually launched many
years after the passenger version.  For example, the 767F is launched some
13 years after the 767 was launched.  The 747-400F was launched soon after
the 747-400 was launched, but the first freighter was built probably five
years after the first passenger aircraft.  Therefore, I think it will be
quite a few years down the road before the 777F is launched.  On a related
subject, it was speculated that Boeing is being pushed by EVA Airways (which
has earlier announced its intent to order four 777s) to launch the Combi

  H Andrew Chuang