Re: Ansett "fixes" its 767s

From: (George Hull)
Date:         29 Sep 1995 16:41:48 GMT
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In article <44ffad$1b8@gsb-crown.Stanford.EDU>, rna@gsb-crown.Stanford.EDU
(Robert Ashcroft) wrote:

> Saw a small article in one of the most recent issues of Flight
> International that said that Ansett is to convert its odd-ball
> 3-pilot 767s into 2-pilot 767s.
> When Ansett first bought its 767-200 its unions forced Ansett to
> buy the aircraft with a flight-engineer station.  All other
> 767s are built for two-pilot operation, although the cockpit is
> actually large enough to accomodate a flight engineer position.

The 767-200 cockpit is indeed built with the aft bulkhead far enough aft
for the flight engineer position to have been included.  Our -300s and
-300ERs have the smaller cockpit with the bulkhead positioned much farther
forward.  Apparently the structural design of the -200 was frozen before
the flight engineer issue was resolved.