Re: Sabena goes for Avro RJs, rather than Fokkers

From: (Tim Takahashi)
Date:         6 Sep 1995 20:31:35 -0700
Organization: University of Rochester, School of Engineering
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spagiola  <> wrote:
>Michael Carley <> wrote:

Tim Takahashi wrote :
>> >What is the equipment mix on European routes like?

>> Aer Lingus currently fly A330s.. 747s.. 737s... Fokker 50s and Saab

>Actually, Aer Lingus recently acquired BAe 146s as well; 3 of them,
>which replaced Fokker 50s on cross Irish sea routes (the F50s were
>moved to domestic routes and the Saab 340s -- not 2000s -- were sold).

>> ps The BAe 146 is, as someone from Alenia put it to me, a silly
>> aeroplane. It looks as if someone took a drawing of a 747 and
>> shrank it.
>Tastes differ.  But the 146 looks nothing like a 747; more like
>a miniature C-5 or Il-76.

I too think it has an Ilyushin-esque quality to it. The anhedral
and all...

I got a ride on one once, on the Dayton-Chicago hop (otherwise serviced
by ATR 72s (American Eagle) and B737-200s (United). I thought I
got the prime seat - window, underneath the wing - a good spot
to look at the innovative high-lift system in action. No thrust
gates on an BAe, you know.

Too bad the seat was the one windowless window seat. 8^(

>From a passenger standpoint, I prefer the B737-500 to the BAe.
The BAe was noisy in an odd way.