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Date:         6 Sep 1995 12:19:14 -0700
Organization: The World Bank Group
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  or MIME structure (H Andrew Chuang) wrote:
> spagiola wrote:
> > Actually, by the late 1970s Airbus had made some very significant
> > inroads in the Pacific rim ....  This was a small share of the 
> > overall market, but a significant one for that category of 
> > aircraft (100% of it, if youdefine the category as "widebody
> > twins" :-), 

> I believe the B767 is also a widebody twin, hence, it's not 100% of the
> market. 

Yes, but the 767 wasn't around in the late 1970s, which is the period
Karl was discussing in the original post.

> JAL, ANA, and China Airlines all had orders of the B767 (you
> included Toa, then JAL and ANA should be counted).

Ditto here.  All these orders came later.

> Also, I don't consider the Pacific Rim A300 fleet to be 
> insignificant. 

Neither do I; that was the whole point.

> Airbus clearly outscored Boeing in the Pacific Rim market in
> the A300/310 vs. B767-200/300 battle.  (Airbus also captured the
> majority of the Middle East market.)  In Asia, Boeing's wide-body twin is almo
> non-existent outside Japan (and Australasia).  I think that's why the
> A330 was able to secure many orders from the Pacific Rim airlines,
> initially.  However, this time I think Boeing has finally turned the tide.
> The B777 is definitely picking up steam in the Pacific Rim with seven
> committed customers (JAL, ANA, JAS, KAL, China Southern, CPA, THAI) and
> three customers with letters of intent (CAL, EVA, and Air China) with
> a total of 68 aircraft plus 43 unsigned firm orders; while the A330 has
> only six customers (KAL, CPA, DragonAir, THAI, MAS, and Garuda) and a
> total order of 45 aircraft (which include 3 that Garuda allegedly have
> cancelled).

Boeing definitely seems to have a winner with the 777.  Given the
commonality between A330 and A340, however, wouldn't a better 
comparison be 777s vs A330 AND A340s?  The Cathay pilot who posted
recently seemed to think it was an important advantage.

> Just a nitpicking: It's Malaysian Airline System (but Malaysia Airlines)
>                                 ^

I stand corrected.