Re: Sabena goes for Avro RJs, rather than Fokkers

From:         Michael Carley <>
Date:         6 Sep 1995 01:26:18 -0700
Organization: Dept. of Maths, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.
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  or MIME structure (Tim Takahashi) writes:

>What is the equipment mix on European routes like?

Aer Lingus currently fly A330s (I think, twin engine jobs anyway)
and 747s transatlantic, 737s within Europe and Fokker 50s and
Saab 2000s on domestic and some cross-channel routes. Otherwise
you have Ryanair flying 737s out of Dublin, City Express (a British
Airways subsidiary) flying ATR 42s and Virgin using BAe 146s.

ps The BAe 146 is, as someone from Alenia put it to me, a silly
aeroplane. It looks as if someone took a drawing of a 747 and
shrank it.

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