Boeing 720

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Date:         7 Jul 1995 18:11:56 -0700
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In article <airliners.1995.981@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
Pete Mellor  <> wrote:
>On 07 Jul 95 03:25:04, (R. Morris) wrote:-
>> So, why after all the 7's did the 720 get out of series?
>That is the first I've heard of a "non-7" Boeing. When I went on
>the guided tour of the Boeing 747 assembly line in May this year,
>someone asked why everything in Boeing ends with "7", and the
>answer is: nobody knows!

I heard the 720 designator was a sop to United, which would buy them
but only if they weren't labelled "707".  They're just a short 707,
is my understanding.

Why not "707"?  I think it was an issue of pride---United was otherwise
a DC-8 shop.

Anyone know any more?