Re: Lufthansa Chair sees no superjumbos

From: (Michael Jennings)
Date:         25 Jun 1995 17:02:07 GMT
Organization: University of Cambridge DAMTP
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In article <3sf57t$htt@gsb-crown.Stanford.EDU>,
Robert Ashcroft <> wrote:
>The chairman of Lufthansa says that he expects the airplane industry
>to scrap plans for superjumbos.  Only a few airlines really need the
>thing, whereas the development costs are incredible.
>This is more or less my own view.  Seems to me that by the year 2005,
>the only passenger aircraft that will be flying that is larger than
>a 747-400 is likely to be a 747-400 stretch, up to 700 passengers is
>sardine-can configuration.
	I agree. A 747 stretch will satisfy BA and SIA for the moment.
Boeing will only go for an all new plane if it looks like Airbus will.
Airbus cannot do it without more government money. Given that the 
Germans are presently still paying for reunification, and the cost
of bailing out Credit Lyonais (amongst other things) is likely to 
be enormous for the French, the money for this simply isn't there.

	(Of course the French have done stupid things before, but the
quantities of money involved are starting to get absurd).
Michael Jennings
Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
The University of Cambridge.

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