Re: Steep turns on takeoff and landing

From: (Howard Sage)
Date:         19 Jun 1995 18:33:09 GMT
Organization: New York University
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A wonderful article, "The Turn," authored, I believe, by a pilot and 
published in _Atlantic Monthly_ sometime in 1994 tells the whole story 
about aircraft turns. It also appears in a volume called Best Essays of 
1994 or some title close to that. Well worth the reading--a real education.

Howard Sage

Christopher Stone (cbstone@flagstaff.Princeton.EDU) wrote:

: Yesterday I landed on a TWA 727-200 at Albuquerque.  As we approached the
: airport, we made a steep turn to the right, then the left, then the right
: again.  Each turn was *very* steep -- it felt like we were tilting at
: about 45%, although I'm sure it must have been less than that.  During
: the final turn, the nose was pointing rather sharply towards the group,
: and we weren't that high up -- I could make the ground out quite clearly
: out of the window, and it didn't look like the wing was that far from the
: ground.

: Usually I love flying, but I must admit that steep turns near the ground
: -- right after takeoff, or before landing -- always make me a tad
: nervous.  Is this merely an irrational fear on my part?  What are the
: limits upon how steeply an aircraft such as a B-727 can turn?  Is it any
: more dangerous to turn near the ground than high up?  Do pilots ever get
: dioriented as a result of this sort of turning?