Re: Steep turns on takeoff and landing

From: (Eric Olesen)
Date:         16 Jun 1995 23:14:15 GMT
Organization: Texas Metronet, Inc  (login info (214/705-2901 - 817/571-0400))
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Christopher Stone (cbstone@flagstaff.Princeton.EDU) wrote:

: Yesterday I landed on a TWA 727-200 at Albuquerque.  As we approached the
: airport, we made a steep turn to the right, then the left, then the right
: again.  Each turn was *very* steep -- it felt like we were tilting at
: about 45%, although I'm sure it must have been less than that.  During
: the final turn, the nose was pointing rather sharply towards the group,
: and we weren't that high up -- I could make the ground out quite clearly
: out of the window, and it didn't look like the wing was that far from the
: ground.

I've had the same happen before as well when making a visual approach 
behind another aircraft.. The 'S' turns are meant to allow the other 
aircraft to land and clear the runway without forcing the second 
aircraft to do a go-araound... But it also sounds like he was a bit high 
for the approach as well...

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